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Hisense presents innovation that blends seamlessly into contemporary life at CES 2024

Las Vegas (Jan 9, 2024) Hisense , a global leader in the consumer electronics and home appliance industries, invites CES 2024 attendees to explore its booth at the Central Hall Show Floor from January 9-12 to experience the future of display technology. Hisense’s advancements and innovations have seamlessly blended into the fabric of daily existence with solutions that blend into every facet of contemporary life. CES 2024 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting scenarios and experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional displays. ULED X 98UX Mini LED TV at CES delivers cutting-edge features, including a remarkable 10,000+ local dimming zones, ensuring precise light control and immersive contrast. With a powerful 3,000 nits of peak brightness, 98UX is designed to deliver rich layers and flagship picture quality. The integration of an X-Core Sensing Chip and Ambient Light Sensing PRO transforms image perception, reshaping details and offering environmental awareness and smart light control. The 98UX also boasts a full 4.2.2 multi-channel audio system.

Another innovation that Hisense is showcasing at CES is the next-level audio capabilities of Dolby Atmos FlexConnect. Dolby Atmos FlexConnect unlocks a more extensive and immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience through the ability to seamlessly pair accessory wireless speakers with your TV’s sound system while unlocking the flexibility to place each speaker anywhere you choose. Once connected, the system intelligently optimizes your Dolby Atmos experience for any room layout and speaker setup – transforming any seat into the best seat in the house.

75UX measures a depth of less than 14 millimeters, making it Hisense’s thinnest Mini LED TV ever produced. Its form factor is an industry first and a bold statement that aligns perfectly with contemporary home trends. In addition to an ultra-thin profile, 5,000 dimming zones bring unmatched contrast, and an X-Core Sensing Chip gives the 75UX perceptive image rendering. What’s more, 16-bit Ambient Light Sensing PRO delivers intelligent light control based on environmental cues, ensuring visual experience that reshapes details and adapts to its surroundings. Adding to the immersive experience is the 2.2.2 built-in audio, delivering all-encompassing audio for a sleek, yet powerful home entertainment setup.

Laser Display

Automobile Laser Display, recipient of the CES 2024 Innovation Award, redefines in-vehicle experiences with advanced laser projection. Featuring a TriChroma™ triple-laser projection and offering 48% higher color performance than LEDs, it maintains an 80% smaller size compared to traditional optical solutions. Boasting 200% luminous efficiency, it stands out as the premier choice for automotive displays. The Laser Holographic AR-HUD seamlessly blends virtual and real-world elements, turning the windshield into a vast holographic screen for safer driving. Leveraging advanced optical technology, side and rear windows transform into immersive screens. Additionally, the Laser Holographic Projection includes headlight projection and customizable displays, enhancing human-car interactions. Hisense’s system not only revolutionizes navigation and entertainment but also prioritizes safety and identity through innovative features and compact design.

8K Sonic Laser TV is the first laser TV equipped with 8K technology and a 3.4㎡ sound-emitting area. Sonic Laser TV creates an optimal platform for 8K ultra-high definition by precisely controlling 33 million pixels, achieving lifelike picture quality. Equipped with the world’s largest sound-emitting screen, providing a massive 3.4㎡ sound-emitting area and featuring a hundred thousand-level sound-emitting units, Sonic Laser TV is not just a screen but also an enormous sound stage. Whether it’s a racing car or an airplane passing overhead, sound is precisely located, creating a seamless integration of audio and visuals for a more immersive cinematic experience.

Dynamic Light Steering Technology, powered by Barco Bright™ technology, is another first for the industry, offering peak brightness of 2,000 nits and higher contrast that brings content to life with dazzling highlights, brighter midtones and deeper blacks. This is not achieved by using a larger light source but rather by modulating the illumination distribution in real time according to the video content. Light is effectively steered away from the shadows and focused into the highlights, reducing dark scenes by 50% and boosting bright scenes by 500%, achieving a remarkable 10x contrast improvement over traditional laser TVs. Dynamic Light Steering with Barco Bright™ offers an amazing HDR viewing experience at Home, with high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut and superior picture quality.

Rollable Laser TV is the industry’s first Fresnel, invisible rollable TV. With a curved, high-gain screen that achieves a high ambient light rejection rate of 90% and 200% brightness boost, the Rollable Laser TV transforms home theater viewing. A smart control enables precise one-touch lifting or hiding of the screen, making home cinema a luxurious experience with a clear and bright picture that appears in-sync with the screen’s movement. The modular separation of the main unit and screen allows for flexible assembly and easy relocation, transforming the living room or bedroom into a cinema anytime, anywhere.

Compact Laser Engine and Ultra Slim Display Technology is the smallest 4K laser TV in the industry with a console 70% smaller than its first iteration. The main unit, with the footprint about the size of a 14-inch laptop, supports the brightness requirements of an 88-inch laser TV, while the new slim Fresnel ambient light rejection screen (ALR) offers an integrated design with a bezel width of less than one centimeter. With a screen-to-body ratio of up to 98% and a frame thickness of only 0.6 inches (1.57 cm), the Ultra Slim Laser TV 88-inch screen weighs just 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg), seamlessly integrating into diverse home environments.

Ultra-Black Screen Technology from Hisense achieves the highest levels of contrast in the industry through a specially designed micro-nano light resistant film structure. Delivering an industry-leading 94% ambient light rejection rate and a 50% improvement in light utilization, this TV surpasses existing Fresnel screens with up to three times the contrast. As a result, Ultra-Black Screen creates a realistic picture never before seen by the industry with astonishing depth and color.

C1Pro, a 4K TriChroma Laser Projector, boasts extraordinary brightness and cutting-edge features with a brightness of over 2,300 lumens and encompassing 110% of the BT.2020 color gamut. Further a 1700:1 contrast ratio enables the C1Pro to bring stunning visuals and rich details, while a 2K 120hz refresh rate enables smooth motion. Features like Zero Harmful Blue Light, and Seamless AutoMagic Picture Adjusting System put user experience at the forefront of C1Pro. With Smart Edge Blending technology, C1Pro can achieve a 21:9 ultra-wide picture through the use of two projectors – with the option to add more projectors for an even bigger picture and ultimate immersion. Complemented by JBL custom Hi-Fi sound, C1Pro brings an equally impressive audio package for a complete cinema experience on-the-go.

Additional TV Display Technologies

CanvasTV takes a modern approach to home design and functionality. This beautiful display strikes a unique balance of blending technology with art and personalization. Its customizable wood-finish bezels fit the current trend of personalized home spaces, and its unique zero-gap wall mount allows it to hang flush against the wall, effortlessly integrating into any living space – whether it’s a canvas for displaying curated art, a TV for watching your favorite content, or a frame that discreetly blends into the background.

3D Light Field Display features a wide-angle continuous viewpoint three dimensional experience, offering an immersive 60° field of view, thanks to light field display technology without cumbersome glasses. Its 8K panel allows for stunning 21.4K single viewpoint resolution. Additionally, the TV utilizes a high dynamic range light field display with thousand-level partition Mini LED, delivering stunning visuals for a truly captivating viewing experience.

34G6K-PRO Curved Screen Monitor features a 21:9 panoramic aspect ratio and an expansive 1000R curvature. The design makes 34G6K perfect for a variety of uses, while aligning with natural viewer habits to reduce visual distortion. It provides a broad gaming field of view, while its immersive curvature enhances the sense of surround. 34G6K is complemented by a high 165Hz refresh rate for a smooth gaming experience, ensuring precise and responsive actions.

Virtual Reality Displays

VR prototype sample, a cutting-edge, all-in-one VR developed by Hisense, leverages a pancake lens to enable six degrees of freedom for both head and hand tracking, along with features such as color perspective, eye tracking, and dynamic gesture recognition. With its tailored hardware and software design, controller tracking, and advanced gesture recognition technology, this versatile solution delivers immersive effects, making it ideal for a wide range of industries such as education, medicine, and training.

XR-M3, a breakthrough AR split eyewear solution developed by Hisense, employs the innovative BirdBath optical scheme. With 6DoF head tracking, this prototype has applications in cultural tourism and educational contexts, boasting a sophisticated hardware and software design that highlights industry-specific 3D model effects for an enhanced mixed reality experience.

NBA Partnership

In addition to display innovations, Hisense, the Official TV and Appliance Partner of the NBA, offers CES attendees the exclusive opportunity to meet former NBA All-Star and sports analyst, Richard Jefferson as well as former NBA champion and Finals MVP Paul Pierce. Jefferson and Pierce will be signing autographs at the Hisense booth, located in Central Hall – Booth 18217 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, on January 9.

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