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Islamist Suspect Shoots Israeli Embassy Guard in Serbia With Arrow, Shot Dead

Belgrade, Serbia, June 29: In Belgrade, Serbia , an attacker armed with a crossbow wounded a Serbian police officer who was guarding the Israeli Embassy on Saturday. According to Serbia’s Interior Ministry, the officer responded by fatally shooting the assailant. Initial indications from both Serbian and Israeli officials suggest that terrorism was likely the motive behind the attack.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed that the attacker fired a bolt at the officer, striking him in the neck. In self-defense, the officer used his weapon, resulting in the attacker’s death. The wounded policeman was conscious when taken to Belgrade’s main emergency hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove the bolt from his neck. Hospital officials reported his condition as stable post-surgery.

A spokesman from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the incident as an attempted terrorist attack near the Israeli Embassy, clarifying that no embassy staff were harmed as the embassy was closed at the time of the incident.

Dacic stated that investigations into the incident are ongoing, focusing on terrorism as the likely motive given the circumstances of the attack outside the Israeli Embassy. The attacker, identified as a 25-year-old Serbian who had converted to Islam, is under scrutiny for possible ties to foreign terrorist groups. Another individual was arrested near the scene, prompting further investigations into their connection.

Security measures have been heightened in Belgrade following the incident, including increased alerts for foreign embassies, government buildings, and public areas such as shopping malls. The Israeli Embassy, located near the U.S. Embassy in an upscale district, is guarded by an elite police unit equipped with automatic weapons.

Serbia, which has maintained close ties with Israel, particularly during periods of heightened regional tensions, remains vigilant amid ongoing security concerns.



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