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Israel rejects ceasefire, hostage release offer

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has rejected the offer of the Hamas for a five days ceasefire and the release of hostages.

As the backchannel negotiations between various Arab nations and Hamas are ongoing for the hostage release, it is said that Qatar is playing a major role for the release of hostages kidnapped by the Hamas on October 7.

Hamas had agreed for the release of 70 hostages, including women and children, and in return want a five days ceasefire. The Hamas also wants a prisoner swap by releasing Palestinian prisoners who are in Israeli jails.

However, Israel side has rejected all offers of the Hamas. The Israel wants all the hostages to be released immediately instead of releasing them in groups.

The five days ceasefire offer by Hamas is considered by the Israeli side as a move to buy time for the group’s leadership to regroup and launch attacks against Israel.

Sources in IDF told IANS that there will not be any agreement on ceasefire for five days as IDF has already advanced into Gaza.

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