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Mitzie Hunter to build Waterfront East LRT Part of her TTC plan to get Toronto moving again, Mayoral Candidate says

Toronto – Mitzie Hunter, mayoral candidate, says she will drive forward construction of the Waterfront East LRT as part of her comprehensive plan to boost TTC ridership and get Toronto moving again.
Under Hunter’s plan, the Waterfront East LRT (WELRT) will extend streetcar service in a dedicated right of way from Union Station to the end of Bay Street, along Queens Quay to the Distillery Loop on Cherry Street and into the western Port Lands area.
“This is an urgent project that will facilitate greater housing density in the Port Lands and reduce gridlock along the waterfront while connecting to downtown,” Hunter says. 
“We need to get Toronto moving again. Safe, reliable, frequent and affordable transit is the best tool we have to get Toronto moving again and that includes projects such as this. It will also help us achieve our climate goals.”
The City’s one-third share of the estimated $2 billion cost, about $650 million, will be moved into a dedicated fund from existing transit capital reserves. Hunter will set out her entire fully-costed plan and budget before voting begins in June.
Other key elements of Hunter’s plan include:
•        Seniors ride for free on the TTC as well as all Wheel-Trans users
•        Lower TTC fares by reversing recent fare hike
•        Restoring service and reversing the cuts
“We need to get Toronto moving again and these key elements are part of my plan to restore ridership and confidence in the TTC,” Hunter says.
“This is the worst time to be reducing TTC service frequency and hiking fares. I will fix that by restoring service, reducing fares, making the TTC free for seniors and Wheel-Trans users, and get going with new builds such as the Waterfront East LRT.”
Hunter says all too often mayoral candidates say we need to take control of our destiny to get things done but at the same time throw up their hands and say we can not do anything when the provincial government does not come to the table.
“I will fight, and fight hard, for our fair share from the Ontario government, especially in areas where they should be picking up the tab,” says Hunter.
“But we can’t wait. We have to get going. Our city is at a turning point and we have the responsibility to make sure it is not a breaking point. And I will present a costed, affordable, responsible budget that will make clear how.”

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