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OpenAI to roll out ‘huge set’ of ChatGPT updates next week

Microsoft-owned OpenAI’s first developer advocate and developer relations expert — Logan Kilpatrick, has posted on X (formerly Twitter) that a “huge set of ChatGPT updates are rolling out over the next week”.

Among the new features Kilpatrick highlighted are example prompts, suggested replies and follow-up questions, a default GPT-4 setting so that paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers don’t have to toggle on the latest/most advanced publicly available OpenAI large language model (LLM) every time they start a new chat, support for multiple file uploads for all Plus users when using the OpenAI Code Interpreter plugin, and more.

Reacting to his post, a number of users praised the new ChatGPT updates.

A user wrote, “Great updates. Would love the ability to search through the history”.

“Everyone wants this and I hope it lands eventually! Search is live in iOS btw,” Kilpatrick replied.

“These are great changes, congrats to the team! If possible, please consider making the pages translated and localised. Most people know that we can interact with it in many languages, but the landing pages and interaction pages are a major hurdle to people that don’t speak English,” another user said.

One more user commented, “Very solid updates. Love the default/suggested prompts! Text-based interfaces are very powerful but users still don’t like looking at an empty text box. Much better for AI-powered apps to present users with context-aware suggestions that can be customised as needed”.

Last month, OpenAI introduced a new ‘customised instructions’ feature for ChatGPT, that allows users to share anything with the artificial intelligence (AI)-chatbot for future conversations.

“Custom instructions are currently available in Beta for Plus users, and we plan to roll out to all users soon,” the company said in an article.

Users can edit or delete custom instructions at any time for new conversations.

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