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Pakistan Former PM Imran Khan sees 80% chances of his arrest on Tuesday

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said there was an 80 per cent chance of his arrest on Tuesday when he will be in Islamabad to pursue pre-arrest bail in various cases.

In an interview with CNN, the PTI chief said that PDM was aligned with the army and was “dismantling the democratic system to keep me out”, Dawn reported.

Right now, he said, over 10,000 workers had been arrested and his party’s entire senior leadership was in jail.

Referring to violence and arson attacks on state buildings and army installations on May 9 following his arrest, Khan said: “The way they have used the pretext of arson, they have used that reaction after my arrest to dismantle the party.”

Claiming that hundreds of women and children have been jailed, the PTI chief said: “They are now trying to try us in military courts.”

The former premier said he did not have any problem with the army “knowing they have been entrenched”, recalling that he had worked with former army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa before “he switched horses”.

He claimed the ruling coalition wanted to “bump him off” because it was scared of losing elections.

Asserting that there was still a threat to his life, the PTI chief said he had predicted that a religious fanatic would be used to kill him like a former Punjab governor was assassinated, Dawn reported.

Responding to a question, he said Pakistan is passing through “unpredictable time” and expressed the fear over the coalition government not holding the national elections later in October this year.

“My worry now is that they won’t hold the national elections even in October. I fear they will hold the elections when clear that PTI will not win.”

Khan said the situation had deteriorated to such an extent that even the decisions of judges and courts were being discarded, Dawn reported.

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