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PM Modi in Lok Sabha: ‘Politics of appeasement has destroyed the country’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday replied to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address during the Parliament’s session in the Lok Sabha. The Prime Minister was welcomed by NDA members amid ‘Modi Modi’.

Addressing the House, PM Modi said that those who continued to spread lies have been defeated again and are sitting in the Opposition.

Attacking the Opposition over the issue of corruption, PM Modi said that it’s like termites which have hollowed the nation.

“The public has chosen us in the world’s largest election campaign and I can understand the pain of some people. Despite spreading lies continuously, they suffered a huge defeat,” the Prime Minister said.

“Yesterday and today, several MPs have expressed their views of the President’s address, especially those who have come among us for the first time as Parliamentarians. They followed all the rules of the Parliament and their behaviour was like that of an experienced Parliamentarian and despite being the first timer, they have enhanced the dignity of the House and have made this debate more valuable with their views…,” he said.



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