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Rajkot fire claims 35 lives, DNA tests to identify victims

Rajkot, May 26: The fire at Gamezone amusement park in Rajkot on May 25 resulted in the loss of 35 lives, leaving victims charred beyond recognition that identification is possible only through DNA testing, officials shared. According to reports, DNA samples were dispatched to Gandhinagar via air ambulance at 4:30 a.m. The results of these tests are expected within 48 hours. So far, 25 DNA samples have been sent, while the relatives of two victims are yet to arrive.

According to sources, some relatives are travelling from Junagadh, and no immediate family member is present for one individual who came from abroad. Sixteen bodies are currently in cold storage at AIIMS, and 11 others are at the Civil Hospital. “Over 27 bodies have been transported to Rajkot Hospital, where DNA samples will be collected before conducting post-mortem examinations. The Civil Hospital in Rajkot is overwhelmed with the number of deceased. DNA samples from missing family members will also be collected to aid identification.

It has been reported that most of the victims are from Gondal, with 31 families still searching for their missing children. More than 10 police teams are involved in documenting the incident, and the death toll may rise above 50,” sources said. “Families of the injured are heartbroken and in mourning, unable to see their loved ones one last time due to the condition of the bodies,” sources from Rajkot added. The government has issued orders for an investigation and action against those responsible.




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