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Robotic surgery removes complex tumour in newly-wed at Delhi hospital

New Delhi, June 17: Using cutting-edge robotic technology, doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital have removed a complex tumour located between the bladder and the uterus of a young woman. The 6x5x4 cm tumour in the pocket between her bladder and uterus was discovered during a routine ultrasound.

The Department of Urology and Robotic Surgery of the hospital determined that the tumour’s exact nature could not be confirmed through imaging or biopsy due to its difficult location. “The challenges in this surgery were immense. We had to remove the tumour without affecting the uterus, bladder, or ureter — all while avoiding a large incision that could complicate the patient’s future pregnancy plans,” said Vipin Tyagi, the lead surgeon.

Tyagi and his team hence opted for a robotic-assisted surgery. The advanced robotic system allowed for unparalleled precision, flexibility, and control throughout the delicate operation. “The robotic technology was essential in accessing this difficult pocket between the organs and removing the tumor without any collateral damage,” the surgeon said. Following the successful surgery, the newly-wed patient was discharged from the hospital just two days later – with her fertility preserved, said the hospital.



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