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Sonu Sood has a heartfelt conversation with ‘MTV Roadies’ contestant, his parents

Coming in with a roster of diverse contestants, the upcoming episode of ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’, shall present the awe-inspiring journey of Himanshu, a versatile and charismatic contestant from Chandigarh.

Impressing the leaders with his skills, Himanshu’s story leads to Sonu Sood to have a heartfelt conversation with his parents, commending both him and his parents. 

Commending his perseverance and resilience, the actor will express his appreciation and say: “Your son is a brilliant boy and I know your blessings are with him. Ghar chote bade nahi hote hai, dil bade chote hote hai… Your heart and blessings are bigger.”

The conversation will leave Himanshu’s parents overwhelmed. A man with humble beginnings, Himanshu was born to an auto-rickshaw driver, and even with his financial limitations, scepticism from friends and family, Himanshu’s determination was undeterred, surpassing all obstacles with tremendous resilience and determination to fulfill his family’s dreams.

The 21-year old is not only a model but also a state-level basketball player, fitness enthusiast, calisthenics artist, and an entertainer. In the latest episode, Himanshu will impress the Gang leaders with his skills, showcasing his prowess in push-ups, mazes, dancing, and even serenading Rhea with a song, with Himanshu’s humble background striking a chord with the gang leaders.

‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’ airs Saturday and Sunday on MTV and JioCinema.

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