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Staples Canada surpasses two sustainability milestones ahead of 2025 targets

The Working and Learning Company continues to lead the charge for a greener future with key achievements across waste diversion and energy efficiency

Richmond Hill, ON, April 16, 2024 – In just four years, Staples Canada has surpassed two of its 2025 Goals for a Greener Future, including 8 million writing instruments and 840,000 kilograms of batteries recycled before 2025. The company is committed to driving tangible impact across its national footprint, with more than 2,500 eco-friendly products available in-store and online, free in-store recycling programs and renewable energy solutions powering key segments of its store and supply chain operations.

“We’re continuously investing in our sustainability initiatives to offer simple and effective solutions to help Canadians make environmentally conscious decisions, and we know our programs are making a difference. Our electronics recycling program alone has collected more than 23 million kilograms of e-waste since 2020,” said Rachel Huckle, CEO, Staples Canada. “We’re proud of the remarkable progress we’ve made in our journey towards a greener future, and as we approach 2025, we look forward to continuing to champion our sustainability objectives, making both our associates and communities proud.”

Surpassing sustainability milestones

In 2020, Staples set its 2025 Goals for a Greener Future with the help of its sustainability partners. These sustainability goals focus on two key pillars: waste diversion recycling and energy efficiency. The following goals have been surpassed one year ahead of target:

·       8 million units of writing instruments recycled: In partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle, Staples has been able to divert more than 8 million writing instruments from landfills. Through the program, customers are encouraged to drop off used writing instruments at their local Staples which are sent to TerraCycle for recycling – serving as the only free, in-store solution for writing instrument recycling in Canada.

·       840,000 kilograms of used batteries recycled: Staples Canada partners with Call2Recycle Canada to collect used batteries (rechargeable and alkaline) from all store locations, Staples Professional and its Home Office for recycling. Through this partnership, Staples has been able to divert more than 840,000 kilograms of batteries from landfills since 2020. In recognition of progress made, Call2Recycle awarded Staples Canada with the 2023 Leader in Sustainability Award for the fourth year in a row.

Reducing carbon emissions

In 2023, Staples Canada celebrated its 10-year partnership anniversary with Bullfrog Power. As the largest retail partner, all print orders made through Staples Print Services are bullfrogpowered® with 100% renewable electricity as of 2023. The partnership also enables all Staples Studio co-working spaces and its E-commerce platform to be bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity. By choosing Bullfrog Power, Staples Canada is reducing their carbon footprint, contributing to the development of new community-based green energy projects in Canada, and supporting an innovative approach to growing the renewable energy industry.

Staples Canada’s Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet generated more than 3,500 kilograms in reduced CO2 equivalents in 2023. The EV trucks are designed to provide analytics to measure, monitor and share results of emission reductions and environmental impact in real-time. Staples continues to invest in EVs and has plans to expand the electrification of their fleet in the future.

Staples Professional also celebrated its 15-year anniversary in partnership with Tree Canada last year. Through the partnership, Staples Professional has planted more than 237,997 trees and supported numerous community greening projects to help grow a better place to live for all Canadians. On National Tree Day, Staples associates gathered in cities across Canada to plant trees and celebrate sustainability. As a result of these efforts, Staples planted 6,354 trees in 2023.

Supporting Canadians with free recycling solutions:

Along with writing instrument and battery recycling, Staples’ 300+ store locations across Canada have several free recycling solutions available for customers. Through these programs, Staples has recycled more than 8 million kilograms of e-waste and 7 million ink and toner cartridges since 2020. Programs offerings include:

·       Ink and Toner Recycling

·       Electronics Recycling

·       Writing Instrument Recycling

·       Battery Recycling

·       Secure Shredding Services

·       Nespresso Pods (Select Locations Only)

More information on sustainability goals, waste diversion and recycling programs, along with several informative environment resources can be found on Staples Canada’s sustainability webpage at staples.ca/environment.

About Staples Canada

Staples Canada is The Working and Learning Company. The privately-owned company is committed to being a dynamic, inspiring partner to customers who visit its 300+ locations and staples.ca. The company has two brands which support business customers: Staples Preferred for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and Staples Professional for medium to large-sized enterprises, as well as seven Staples Studio co-working facilities across Canada. Through Staples Print, Canadians can access a variety of print solutions, pack and ship options, as well as a broad suite of business and tech services. Staples is a proud partner of MAP through its Even the Odds campaign, which aims to tackle inequities in communities across Canada and helps make a future that’s fair for everyone. Visit staples.ca for more information or engage with us at @StaplesCanada on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and TikTok.  

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