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UCC not in nation’s interest: Akali Dal

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Friday said that the 22nd Law Commission which proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC) was not in nation’s interest.

SAD said that enforcing UCC without a genuine countrywide inter-faith consensus, especially among minorities, would violate the spirit of the Constitution and generate fear.

In a letter sent to the Member (Secretary) of the commission, the Party President Sukhbir Badal wrote: “Uniformity should not be confused with unity. India symbolises unity in diversity and not in uniformity. Only a truly federal structure can resolve our problems and make India a global superpower.”

Urging the Union government not to go ahead with the idea of a UCC, the SAD President urged the Centre to respect the sentiments of the patriotic Sikh community on UCC before taking any decision on the issue.

“This is important as peace and communal harmony in the sensitive border state of Punjab must always remain a top national priority.”

The SAD President also informed the commission that the party had held consultations with different stakeholders in the state and outside.

“On the basis of that, the widespread impression we gathered is that the UCC, if implemented, will definitely affect the freedom of minority communities of different caste, creed and religions.”

The letter also noted that since no draft of the proposed UCC had been prepared and circulated along with the notice issued by the Law Commission regarding the proposed amendments in the present personal laws of different religions it is impossible to make any tangible suggestions on the issue.

It said a concrete draft, outlining all details of the proposed legislation should be prepared and circulated among the people throughout the country so that they could provide the desired response.

Sukhbir Badal in his letter also detailed how SAD as a democratic and secular party had always been committed to the idea that India was a multi-religious, multicultural and multilingual society, with unity in diversity as its binding force.

SAD also noted that the proposed UCC would also affect social tribes who have their own diverse customs, culture and different personal laws.

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