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Y Media Reports: Firearms Investigation: Mojeeb Ahmad Goraya, 28, Of Vaughan, Charged By CBSA With 29 Charges

The CBSA announced today that an arrest has been made for firearms, weapons and smuggling offences as part of an investigation by the CBSA Ontario Firearms Smuggling Enforcement Team (OFSET). The OFSET is a group of CBSA criminal investigators, intelligence analysts and intelligence officers dedicated to stopping firearms smuggling at ports of entry throughout the province.

The investigation began in March 2023, when border services officers working at the Vancouver International Mail Centre intercepted a package containing a prohibited weapon addressed to a residence in Vaughan, Ontario. Through their investigation, the CBSA OFSET linked this seizure to a seizure from October 2021, involving a package containing prohibited weapons and a second seizure in February 2023 with a package containing a large number of counterfeit Canadian police service badges, several counterfeit police warrant cards, stencils of Alberta’s provincial emblem, and numerous patches depicting law enforcement, intelligence and military logos.  

On May 24, 2023 CBSA OFSET executed a search warrant at the Vaughan residence. During the search, investigators discovered and seized numerous police marked paraphernalia that constituted a complete police uniform, including several ballistic vests, uniform components, police identity cards, and law enforcement badges. They also found one restricted firearm that had been reported as stolen, four prohibited firearms, six replica firearms, over 70 rounds of ammunition, five magazines, stun guns, brass knuckles, prohibited knives, over 30 grams cocaine prepared for distribution, and over $60,000 CAD in counterfeit currency.

As a result, Mojeeb Ahmad GORAYA, (38) of Vaughan, Ontario, has been charged by the CBSA with 29 charges:

  • 26 charges under the Criminal Code of Canada including possession of prohibited firearms, possession of a restricted firearm, possession of counterfeit money, and possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose;
  • two charges under the Customs Act for smuggling prohibited weapons into Canada; and
  • one charge under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

GORAYA remains in detention.

Prohibited and restricted firearms, replica firearms, weapons, police uniform components/badges/vests and counterfeit currency.
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