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Congress Sets Free Terrorists, Defames Country Worldwide: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued attacking the Congress on Wednesday and said the governments ruled by the party set free terrorists and also defame the country globally. 

Addressing a massive public rally in Mulki near Moodabidri town in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district, PM Modi said, “A few years ago in Rajasthan 50 people were killed in an incident of bomb explosion. You imagine the big conspiracy against the nation. But, the Congress government and the police let the culprits out of prison. No punishment was given.

“Appeasement is the only identity of the Congress party. You want to let them rule this state? Let Karnataka be destroyed? Whichever state wants progress and prosperity they will put the Congress party out first. If peace is there in the society, Congress can’t be at peace. If the country is progressing, Congress can’t tolerate it.

“The Congress party pursues the policy of divide and rule. Karnataka has seen its scary face. They are saving terror suspects and letting them out.

“I have a dream of taking the country’s economy to the third position from the present fifth place. Without Karnataka state, I can’t achieve it. No one noticed India until it became the fifth largest economy. We have surpassed the UK, which had ruled India for 250 years and made us slaves. This is what the Modi government can do,” PM Modi said.

While highlighting the government’s achievements, PM Modi said, “Today children from every city and town are talking about the G20 summit. The conferences of G20 are taking place in small cities across the country. One of the agenda of G20 is female-led development.

“BJP wants to make Karnataka a number one state in terms of development. What does Congress want? They want to make Karnataka, the ATM of a family based in New Delhi. The party had taken 85 per cent cuts in every project that would destroy the state. The people of Karnataka should be cautious of Congress and JD(S) as well.”

PM Modi appealed to the first-time voters to vote for the BJP in order to make their career and shape the country’s future. “If you elect an unstable government, your career will become unstable. Congress is an enemy of peace and investors run away from states where Congress is ruling,” he said.

“Our country respects soldiers. The Congress gets saddened. It insults our Army, soldiers and Army Chiefs. At a time when the whole world is giving respect to Indian democracy, Congress is defaming the country worldwide,” PM Modi said.

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