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ICICI Bank Canada launches ‘Money2India (Canada)’ mobile banking app

The app enables instant money transfer from any bank in Canada to any bank in India

·       Customers of other banks can also transfer money to India using this app

·       Users can send up to CAD 30,000 in a single transaction

ICICI Bank Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, announces the launch of its mobile banking app, ‘Money2India (Canada)’. The app enables customers of any bank in Canada to send money instantly and round the clock to any bank in India without opening an account with ICICI Bank Canada.

Customers of any bank in Canada can send money through the app using their Visa / Mastercard debit cards. They can instantly send money to India with a single transaction limit of CAD 30,000, with a confirmed exchange rate. Additionally, customers of ICICI Bank can execute future dated and recurring transfers to beneficiaries in India at a defined frequency using the app.

The launch of ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app marks ICICI Bank Canada’s foray into Canada’s remittance market. The app is safe and secure as it has implemented the latest security standards prescribed for digital channels, along with two factor authentication including a dynamic One-Time-Password (OTP) as an added layer of security.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Vikash Sharma- President & CEO, ICICI Bank Canada said. “We, at ICICI Bank, believe in leveraging the latest technology to bring in new and improved digital banking solutions to users of our products and services. We understand the importance of seamless and reliable money transfers. The introduction of the ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app reflects our commitment to providing users with a convenient and enriched experience. We believe that this service will empower customers to effortlessly send money to India instantly, in a safe and secure manner.”

The features of ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app include:

·       Digital verification of identity: Users can complete their identity verification digitally from anywhere in Canada, thereby having a seamless onboarding experience

·       Set future dated/recurring transfers: The app offers the facility of future dated/recurring transfers to beneficiaries in India for the customers of ICICI Bank Canada who wish to transfer at a defined frequency

·       Instant addition of beneficiary: Users can add beneficiaries immediately and transfer money to them instantly

·       Regular updates and tracking: Users can get regular text or email updates on transactions

Simple steps to send money from ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app:

Step 1: Download ‘Money2India (Canada)’ app through Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Sign up (new customers) or Login (existing customers of ICICI Bank Canada)

Step 3: Add a beneficiary instantly and enter request to send money to India

Step 4: Review the request and confirm OTP. The amount will be sent to the beneficiary’s account

To send money through the app, please download ‘Money2India (Canada)’ App through Play Store or App Store

Customers can also avail ‘Money2India’ facility through the web platform

For detailed T&Cs please visit :

About ICICI Bank Canada: ICICI Bank Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited (NYSE:IBN), a leading private sector bank in India. ICICI Bank Ltd’s total assets stood at US $248.6 billion at June 30, 2023. Active in most provinces and territories, ICICI Bank Canada conducts business as a full-service direct bank under Canada’s Bank Act. Visit to learn more.

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