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Liberals support out of touch policies at convention

This weekend at their national convention, the Liberal Party of Canada proved that they reject the common sense of the common people and instead are increasingly focused on pandering to a small group of out of touch, far-left activists. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are doubling down on their costly and failed policies that have punished Canadians over the last eight years and driven up the cost-of-living to record highs.

Liberal insiders endorsed policies that advance their plan to phase out the jobs of energy workers in Western Canada and Newfoundland.

They voted for a plan that will pile massive new costs on Canadian farmers at a time when unprecedented numbers of Canadians are lining up at food banks because they can’t afford groceries.

Liberals embraced a woke proposal for big city gatekeepers to close major roadways that Canadians use to get to work and go about their lives.

They committed to taking their censorship agenda from Bill C-11 and expanding it to regulate what journalists and politicians are allowed to say to Canadians.

And you won’t believe what they rejected.

The Liberals blocked a proposal to provide greater protection for whistleblowers like those who have come forward to expose countless Liberal scandals.

And outrageously, after eight years of inflationary deficits that have increased the cost of everything, the Liberals voted against a proposal that would have required them to present a plan to balance the federal budget.

These reckless policies are what Liberal Minister Mona Fortier says will be “official policy for the next eight years” if the costly coalition of the Liberals and the NDP remain in charge.

Canada’s Conservatives offer a different common sense vision, one where we bring home lower prices for Canadian families, bring homes that young people can afford and where Canada once again works for the people who do the work.

Conservative Party of Canada

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