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Ontario Woman Loses Nearly $50K to Psychic Promising to Rid Her of Evil Spirits

June 21: An Ontario woman expressed feelings of being used and embarrassed after handing over nearly $50,000 to a psychic who promised to rid her of evil spirits.

Marie Jean, who requested anonymity, shared her story of falling into depression last October after selling her home. She saw a billboard advertising a psychic astrologer with 35 years of experience and decided to seek his help.

During their first meeting, the psychic, named Maha Dev, informed her that she was surrounded by evil spirits. “He said, ‘Well if you don’t do what I tell you, your life could be in danger and your sons could lose their lives,’” Marie Jean recounted.

Operating his business at 4510 Kingston Road in Scarborough’s Morningside area, Dev initially asked for $10,000 to remove the evil spirits. Marie Jean complied, but Dev later claimed the spirits were too strong, ultimately taking a total of $46,000 from her. He instructed her to buy jars from a dollar store for a ritual to capture and dispose of the spirits in Niagara Falls.

Marie Jean was promised significant rewards, including winning a large lottery jackpot and owning a lakeside home, if she followed his instructions. However, when Dev demanded an additional $20,000, she realized she had been deceived.

Feeling ashamed and used, Marie Jean sought answers. When she and a journalist visited Dev’s business, the door was locked. In a phone inquiry, Dev denied knowing her or taking her money. However, the following day, Dev returned the full amount to Marie Jean, much to her relief.

“I am so happy. This is such a relief,” she said.

Authorities caution that while some psychics and astrologers may offer comfort, there have been instances of fraudulent activities. Police advise caution when dealing with psychics who demand large sums of money to solve problems.



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