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PM Meloni Denounces Satnam Singh’s Death as ‘Inhuman’ and ‘Barbaric’, Calls for Severe Punishment

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has condemned the death of an Indian national, Satnam Singh, as “inhuman” and “barbaric” and has called for severe punishment for those responsible. The incident, which occurred in Latina, Italy, has sparked outrage and highlighted the issue of exploitation of migrant workers.

The Indian Embassy in Rome confirmed it is aware of Singh’s tragic death and is in contact with local authorities to provide consular assistance to his family. Singh, originally from Punjab, was reportedly left by the side of the road near his home by his employer, Antonello Lovato, after a workplace accident.

Witnesses described the harrowing scene, with Ilario Pepe recounting how he heard Singh’s wife screaming for help. Pepe saw a man holding Singh and initially thought he was helping, but the man fled and drove away in a van after being questioned about not taking Singh to the hospital. It was later revealed that Singh was not registered as a regular employee.

Singh’s severed arm was found placed in a fruit box. Medical assistance did not arrive until an hour and a half later, and Singh was airlifted to a hospital in Rome, where he died. Lovato is now under investigation for criminal negligence and manslaughter.

Lovato’s father claimed that his son had warned Singh to stay away from the machinery, attributing the incident to carelessness. However, the response from officials and the public has been one of strong condemnation. Prime Minister Meloni and Minister of Labour Marina Calderone both described Singh’s death as an act of barbarity.

Giuseppe Conte, leader of the opposition 5-Star Movement, called on Prime Minister Meloni to take action against the brutal practice of gangmastering. Conte criticized the exploitation of migrant workers, describing the conditions under which Singh died as reminiscent of slavery. He emphasized the need to preserve the dignity of work and humanity, urging legislative action to combat these atrocities.

Gangmastering and the exploitation of migrant farm laborers remain significant issues in Italy, particularly in the south. Latina, where the incident occurred, is home to thousands of immigrant laborers, many of them Sikhs, who work under harsh conditions picking fruit and vegetables.

Singh’s death has prompted calls for justice and reforms to protect migrant workers from exploitation and violence. The owner of the fruit and vegetable picking firm, Antonello Lovato, may face charges related to gangmastering and manslaughter as the investigation continues.



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