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Rakhi Sawant finds a new lover in Dubai after her separation from Adil Khan Durrani? Actress drop hints

Rakhi Sawant hints at a new romance in Dubai following her separation from Adil Khan Durrani as she returns to Mumbai.

After a nearly month-long absence, Rakhi Sawant, the reigning entertainment queen of showbiz, has returned to Mumbai. Following her highly publicized and unpleasant separation from husband Adil Khan Durrani, her personal life became the centre of media attention, keeping her in the limelight for an extended duration. Upon her arrival back in the city, Rakhi Sawant engaged with paparazzi outside her gym, where she provided them with a slew of fresh updates regarding her personal life.
he actress hinted she has found someone new and is now waiting for divorce from Adil Khan Durrani. Speaking to the paparazzi, she said, “Akeli ladki mein kya kya sambhalun, you know. Koi Jeevansathi chahiye. I don’t know,” she said, stressing how she has been balancing her work in Dubai and Mumbai.

She added, “Abhi shaant raho, mera divorce hona baaki hai. Dekhiye, station salamat hai toh train toh aati jaati rahegi. (Keep quiet for now, my divorce is still pending, if there’s a station, trains will come and go). Ups and downs are part of life. Adil is still in jail. He called me many times in Dubai, asking me to set him free but I told him its not my case. I can’t. I don’t know but I want him to get bail so I get a divorce from him. He has been divorced twice before. Lekin talaq yeh wala zaruri hai (It’s important for me to get a divorce).”

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