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Sehban Azim says his ‘Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor’ character carries scars of childhood trauma

Mumbai, June 8: Actor Sehban Azim has shared insights on his character of Raghav in the show ‘Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor’. The actor said that his character has grown up with childhood trauma which has left emotional scars on him. “Raghav is a complex character with deep emotional scars from his past. Portraying him was different from most of the characters I’ve played before. He’s grown up into a complex being because of his childhood trauma, thus harbours intense resentment towards his mother. It was difficult to imagine being angry with my own mother,” the actor said.

‘Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor’ also stars Shivangi Verma opposite Sehban. Sehban said that he had to internalise hate and imagine various scenarios to genuinely convey this animosity on screen. He added: “I am grateful to the team for giving me the freedom to improvise and fully develop the character. It was emotionally challenging as well, as we often found ourselves genuinely crying during scenes that required it.” The show is available on Atrangii OTT.



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