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First Markham Place, 25th Anniversary Celebration

First Markham Place stands as a true icon among Asian Cuisine enthusiasts along HWY 7 in Markham, Ontario. Renowned for its culinary diversity, this destination boasts 23 distinct sit-down restaurants accessible directly from its parking lot. Moreover, a delectable array of eat-in or take-out options awaits at its famed Food Court, featuring over 24 culinary delights.

Yet, First Markham Place isn’t limited to just gastronomic pleasures. A treasure trove of shopping experiences beckons, ranging from supermarkets to lifestyle department stores, serene relaxation spas to cutting-edge optical outlets, telecommunication carriers to travel agencies, and even specialized herb stores – an impressive ensemble of over 180 stores cater to a multitude of needs. This makes it a true one-stop-shop that caters to every visitor.

As the sun sets on Saturday, September 23rd, the celebration takes a grand turn. First Markham Place proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary with a captivating multi-cultural music concert, crowned by a groundbreaking outdoor drone spectacle. NorthStar Drone, boasting 200 drones, graces the skies for the first time in Markham, Ontario, in an awe-inspiring display. Opting for a drone show over traditional fireworks underscores our commitment to sustainability, as drones leave no carbon footprint. This choice aims to inspire event planners nationwide to embrace eco-friendliness.

Anticipating your presence, we foresee this event kindling a surge of Canadian pride within our community and throughout the nation. Your attendance promises to transform this celebration into an unforgettable spectacle, resonating with the spirit of 25 remarkable years.

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