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GO Transit Takes An Emotional Trip in New Ad Campaign

To connect with Ontario’s newcomers , a new campaign for GO Transit shows how the affordable, safe and convenient transit choice enables personal journeys for new Canadians.

A grandfather reminiscing about his late wife at Niagara Falls might not be the most obvious set-up for a transit campaign. Yet, this mix of heartfelt storytelling and immigrant insights is how GO Transit is bringing to life the connection with newcomers.

Discover The Journey, GO Transit’s latest newcomer campaign, focuses on insightful human stories at the heart of many daily journeys. “At GO Transit, the journey matters as much as any destination”, explains Sharyn Byrne-Nearing, VP, Brand, Digital and Product Marketing, Metrolinx. “They open our world to something undiscovered, but can also create memories that are for ourselves, our customers and the communities we connect.”

Developed by Ethnicity Matters, the campaign is designed to build awareness of GO among new immigrants. These include highlighting affordable options including One Fare, free travel for kids, discounts for students and seniors, Weekday Group Passes, Weekend Passes, and free on-board Wi-Fi. “The net result of these benefits and comforts is that they allow newcomers the freedom to sit back and relish their personal journeys— of exploration, introspection and discovery”, says Waseem Shaikh, GCD, Ethnicity Matters. “This campaign builds on the emotive benefit of a safe, accessible and relaxed transit experience.”

Launching the campaign are two hero films— with emotive, personal narratives designed to connect with leisure travellers, and frequent commuters, respectively. The films are directed by Amit Gupta, and produced by Facts+Fuel, with audio by Vapor Music. The films feature original scores by Indian composer OX7GEN.

The integrated campaign, comprising broadcast, mainstream and ethnic cinema, OOH, digital and social, speaks to key newcomer demographics within the South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Arab and Afro-Caribbean communities, with English, French, and in-language executions.



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