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Unity Meet Strengthens India-Canada Bond

The ‘Unity Meet,’ a celebration of diversity, and the enduring bond between the people of Canada and India, organized by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) and International Youth Canada (IYC) on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing strong ties between the two nations.
The meeting was largely attended by representatives of International students from various
colleges, community organizations offering support to international students, and media
focused on allaying the concerns and fears of Indian international students, also served
as a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and building valuable connections.
The gathering commenced with an hour of networking, fostering connections among
attendees. Following this, participants paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, symbolizing their
dedication to peace, unity, and cultural understanding. Welcoming the attendees, Mr.
Murarilal Thapliyal, President of ICCC, emphasized the need for collaboration between
Indian and Canadian communities, stating, “Amidst political uncertainties, Indian
students in Canada must stand united” He reassured ICCC’s preparedness to support
every Indian student here in every possible way.
Mr. Jerin Raj, President of IYC discussed the crucial matter of supporting the
international student community collectively to strengthen their stakes in Canada . Mr.
Jose Varghese shared valuable perspectives on the International Student Guide,
compiled as a joint initiative by the community to aid international students.

A highlight of the evening was the International Student Leaders’ interaction with the
media, moderated by Mr. Prashant Srivastava, a Director of Indo Canada Chamber of
Commerce. Student leaders, leading educational institutes including Seneca College,
Lambton College, and St. Claire College, shared their experiences and perspectives
about the current political landscape between both countries. Student leaders
suggested avoiding the rumors on social media and staying in constant touch with their
families back home and larger communities in Canada. Student leaders also affirmed
that they don’t see any safety concerns due to the political challenges and feel
absolutely safe in Canada.
The event concluded with dinner, offering attendees another window for interest-based
and informal discussions. The Unity Meet served as a dynamic platform for forging new
connections, sharing knowledge, and fostering a sense of unity among the Indo-
Canadian community.
The organizers have expressed gratitude to members of the press, community leaders,
and individuals who joined this event that created ripples of positivity and a reassurance
to the hundreds of thousands of International students.

About Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)
The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization committed to fostering economic
growth, entrepreneurship, and collaboration between the Indian and Canadian business communities.

About International Youth Canada (IYC)
International Youth Canada is dedicated to empowering and supporting young individuals by providing
resources, opportunities, and a platform for them to contribute to global development.

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