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BB OTT 3: YouTuber Armaan Malik gets into a fight with the rapper Naezy

The latest season of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is not leaving a chance to keep the audience’s attention glued to the show. Every day some new drama or twists are coming up whether it’s the slap given by Armaan to Vishal or Bigg Boss revealing the real ‘Baharwala’, who is Lovekesh Kataria. No doubt, the season is getting more interesting day by day.

On the 18th day of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Armaan Malik got into an argument with the Indian rapper Naezy, questioning him about his hygiene. The argument started when the YouTuber Armaan Malik lost control and started questioning Naezy about his hygiene as the rapper didn’t flush the toilet well after using it. Armaan scolded him for not flushing the toilet properly after use whereas, Naezy said that sometimes he did not check whether he flushed the toilet properly or not.

The YouTuber then condemned Naezy about his hygiene and afterwards complained about it to the contestant Ranvir Shorey. So, Kataria took the chance on this and started to tease Armaan as he witnessed this incident quite every day. Armaan showed his annoyance and said this occurs daily. Then, Ranvir made Naezy understand to check the toilet once after using it because there are other contestants too in the house and all live together. To this, the rapper agreed with Ranvir and he assured them he would take care of it from next time.



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