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Experience the magic of Bollywood through GO Transit

GO Transit invites you to the Bollywood Monster Mashup at Celebration Square in Mississauga. If
you’re a fan of Bollywood, this event is for you. And if you’re not a fan of Bollywood, this is a perfect
opportunity to see what it’s all about, because what better way to discover Bollywood than at
Canada’s biggest South Asian event?
This fun-packed event features captivating concerts, a mouthwatering spread of food, mesmerizing
dance performances, vibrant shopping, a spectacular laser show, and more. With GO Transit as your
transportation partner, getting there is easy and convenient.
July 21-22 are the dates, Mississauga Celebration Square is the location, and of course, GO Transit is
the means to get there. Just minutes from the Square One Go Bus Terminal, getting there is as easy
and breezy as listening to your favourite Bollywood tune. And once you’re there, enjoy the shows,
maybe even run into a Bollywood star, indulge in South Asian cuisine at the food festival, and simply
be a part of any of the many things that interest you. Because this family-friendly event offers
something for everyone.
Traveling to the Bollywood Monster Mashup is effortless with GO Transit. Enjoy a comfortable
journey aboard GO Transit’s trains and buses, equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air
conditioning, and comfortable seating. GO Transit offers special pricing options to make attending
the festival affordable for all. With free entry to the festival, you can take advantage of the weekend
passes and get there and return home for only $10 per person.
Don’t miss out on this rare occasion! Let GO Transit transport you to another world, one that’s full of
vibrant entertainment and cultural festivities. Join us at Mississauga Celebration Square and
experience the allure of Bollywood like never before.

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