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PM Modi Congratulates Keir Starmer, Discusses India-UK FTA

July 6: In a recent diplomatic exchange, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his congratulations to Keir Starmer on his election as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This conversation was not only a gesture of goodwill but also an opportunity to discuss the ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between India and the UK.

Starmer, who has emphasized rebuilding Britain’s international reputation, sees the FTA as a cornerstone for a stronger strategic partnership with India. He highlighted the shared democratic values and mutual aspirations that underpin the relationship between the two nations. Both leaders expressed optimism about the potential benefits of the FTA, which aims to enhance the GBP 36-billion bilateral trade relationship.

The discussions around the FTA are particularly significant as both countries are keen to finalize the agreement ahead of the upcoming general elections in India and the UK in 2024. The agreement is expected to cover a wide range of sectors, including technology, digital innovation, and trade in goods and services. It reflects a mutual desire to deepen economic ties and foster greater collaboration in various fields.

Starmer’s commitment to pursuing a stable and beneficial relationship with India resonates with the Indian diaspora in the UK, which plays a crucial role in the social and economic fabric of the country. He expressed admiration for the contributions of British Indians and emphasized the importance of their efforts in strengthening the UK’s multicultural society.

As the FTA talks progress, both Modi and Starmer are hopeful that the agreement will pave the way for a new era of cooperation between India and the UK. The success of these negotiations will depend on addressing key issues and finding common ground that benefits both nations. The outcome of the FTA will be a testament to the enduring partnership between India and the UK, built on a foundation of shared values and mutual respect.



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